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I have a friend who travels quite a bit for work. The good news is he uses it as an opportunity to visit with friends and family along the way. The bad news is that means he still has a lot of reports to complete from wherever he lands.

One of the things he mentioned to me was that when he was visiting, it was a challenge to complete these reports because the people he was visiting kept talking to him. As he shared more of the story, I found out that he was typically invited to share a meal then offered a quiet place to work. But he instead chose to attempt to complete his work in front of the TV in the same room as his hosts.

I could see there was a disconnection between what he was saying and what he was doing. If he has work to do then it’s his responsibility to successfully complete it. And if he tells or shows people it’s ok to socialize with him, then it’s not their fault when his reports aren’t getting done in a timely manner because they talk to him.

Seeing someone else go through this helped me see I sometimes put myself in the same type of position. Its important thing to realize that clear communication isn’t just in your words, but in your actions too. If you say one thing but then do another, you are sending mixed signals and essentially leaving it up to the other person to choose how they want to receive your message. Like the band The Fixx sang in the 80’s: “Do what you say. Say what you mean. One thing leads to another.”

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