Erik’s Editorial Corner

My wife recently came up with a mantra I keep hearing: “Amplify the Positive”. That makes a lot of sense to me because it really focuses less on the actions and more on our reactions.

In our industry (and in most of our personal lives too), this is very helpful to keep in mind. We see a lot of things not performing properly or optimally and our opportunity is to make them work better for our customers.

Let’s say a new customer comes to us because their entire system just crashed. Bad, right? The key is for us to look at the problem simply as information. The solution will be found once we’ve had a chance to process all of that information and then we design the next steps with our customer’s needs in mind. As the customer, the positive is that a failing system was brought to your attention, you found the right support to fix it, and are on the path to making a better one.

I recently received a reminder about this from Mother Nature in the form of a tomato plant. I saw that it is important to keep growing, always strive for what you want, and be willing to bend a bit to reach your goals. I’m sure this little tomato plant wasn’t focusing on the long night of darkness it just went through -- It was more interested in the break from the intense summer heat it just enjoyed and is now ready to bend and reach its little leaves into the dawning light.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

Warm Regards,

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