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erik_barnshawThis month I learned that not only is May 5th a day to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (and my anniversary), it is also World Password Day. Yes, I agree this might be a bit of a stretch to consider it a holiday BUT it is a great reminder to think about your passwords once each year.

Many folks use the same password for everything. That is a bad idea! If somebody finds out your password to one thing, now they can access everything. Then there are the people who have a different password for everything. Of course that is the recommendation for the highest security level, but more often than not that approach leads to not being able to access your accounts because you forget which password you used or writing them down. Now this puts you back into the Bad Idea category. So what do you do?

You figure out what makes the most sense for you and how you will best operate. Adhere to character count minimums and be sure to include numbers, symbols, and capital letters. Do what you can to complicate your passwords for others but keep it simple enough that you can keep track of them. Perhaps you have different passwords for different categories or times in your life.

Remember that your passwords aren’t just for your security, they are also for the security of whatever system you are accessing. The company systems are only as safe as the weakest password to login into them. So if you have (or are) an employee who doesn’t concern themselves with changing default passwords at work, then you are putting the security of your company systems at risk. Keep your passwords strong and your systems safe.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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