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erik_barnshawThe topic I want to focus on for this month is red flags. This is a common term we use to describe something that catches our eye. I've always thought of this as the red fabric being waved in front of the bull to catch his attention. When the bull sees the red, he immediately focuses all of his attention on it. So how do we know when that is the right thing for us to do or if we need to be more critical in our thinking and chalk it up as a distraction?

When people talk about red flags, it's usually in reference to someone with whom you are in a relationship. This could be a personal relationship or a business one. The bigger variable is if you are making this analysis proactively or reactively. When we are "Monday morning quarter-backing" it's a lot easier to identify a red flag and acknowledge you had a warning sign and that it was more than just a distraction. Particularly when a situation resolves in a way that was not our first choice, we tend to be more likely to analyze how it went and what we would have liked to have done differently.

It's much tougher to be proactive about looking for red flags at the beginning of a relationship. This could be hiring a new employee, creating a new team within an existing group of employees, or simply just listening to your good friend describe the events of a first date. I believe it's important to look for the red flags and then follow your gut. Look at the data, see how it fits in with similar previous experiences, and then make the decision that feels like the most genuine choice. Sometimes the only way to know if it’s a warning sign or a distraction is waiting to see how it all plays out.

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