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erik_barnshawWhat do you do when you have more to do than you have time to get it done? This is something I seem to ask myself all of the time and I’m constantly changing my answer, based on the situation. I guess it really depends on what else is going on too.

Here is an example of a day many of us juggle: You’re trying to get everything done at the office that will lead to the next advancement in your career while keeping up your home, feeding the family a healthy meal, and still getting the kids to the next birthday party and swim lesson. The good news is that more work than you can handle at the office is typically considered job security. The trick is finding a way to balance the office work and the home responsibilities.

I remember when I first became a parent and I asked a fellow parent how they did it all. The response was, “You just do it! Things you thought were important before may not be as important anymore. There will be times when you simply can’t get it all done and that’s just how it goes.”

I truly wish I could give you some magical formula that would give you the answer, but that’s not how it works. The only one who can answer that question for you is YOU. That concept led me to think about the Dahli Lama quote, “I have so much to do today, I better meditate twice as long.”

Whether meditation is your thing or not, I’m sure you get the point. When there’s a lot to be done, your best plan to take a minute to stop and breathe. Then you can think about it and do what you know to do. Even in the eye of a hurricane, there is stillness. So find your center, figure out what does and doesn’t have to get done, and then get going!

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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