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erik_barnshawThe question on my mind at the moment is when does feedback cross over into telling someone how to do their job?

I am a big believer in open communication and all of the effort that goes into it. I think it is a big factor in determining if a relationship -- personal or business -- flourishes or flounders. But I also believe there is a point where the amount of feedback you give someone goes from communicating to telling them how they should be acting or doing their job.

An example of this situation recently came up with a vendor of ours. We hired this vendor to do a job, following a thorough discussion and written agreement of the services they would perform for the rate they would charge. Easy, right?

Things started out well in the beginning but then began to get missed here and there. I let our vendor know their performance was slipping and gave examples of exactly how this was happening. They corrected the errors and we got back on track. I mentioned it again when it happened the second time, but I started interviewing new vendors after it happened a third time.

I am happy to give feedback but I don’t believe I should be the person telling you how to do your job. I know clear communication is not always easy and certainly no one is perfect. I get that! But if someone isn’t able to perform after the expectations are clearly outlined, then reviewed, and then pointed out again – perhaps they are not the right person for the job.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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