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erik_barnshawI’ve had several friends recently celebrating milestone birthdays and I’ve seen mixed reactions. Some of them were very happy to be where they are in their lives and don’t care about the number. Others seemed more focused on what they didn’t have in their lives and their milestone birthday served as a reminder that they are “getting old”.

My question: Why is that a bad thing? Age is another way to measure time and experience. At ETB, I’m proud of every year we’ve been in business and I appreciate every year of experience my employees bring with them. My idea is that with each year we are getting better at what we do – finding new solutions and also learning from our mistakes.

To be decorated in the military is an honorable accomplishment. So let’s try looking at laugh lines and crow’s feet as our own badges of honor. They are the result of a lot of laughing and smiling over time. In my mind, I see them as signs of a joyful life and one that has been lived well. Now THAT is something worth celebrating.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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