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erik_barnshawMy wife and I traveled south for a family wedding recently and decided to take a few extra days to check out the area while we were there. As we were driving from the airport to our first destination, we saw a roadside stand with what appeared to be handmade baskets. We didn’t think much of it, but then we kept seeing these same roadside stands along this main throughfare. From a distance, there didn’t seem to be much variety to the product offering and we couldn’t see why there would be such a great need for so many baskets.

After spending time in the area and learning about the people, we found out these baskets were a huge part of their culture that goes back to the time the land was originally settled. Making the baskets is a time-honored tradition and each piece was truly a work of art.

Think back to the first time you saw someone with a smartphone or maybe even just an early cell phone. Perhaps it looked odd, maybe even unnecessary – And then you started to learn more about them. You saw what other people were doing with them, what they were gaining from having them and maybe even tried one yourself.

It’s amazing how quickly knowledge and understanding can change our perspective. Whether it’s something new or something that’s been around for generations, taking the time to learn about it can help you appreciate why it’s important to others and help you decide if perhaps it makes sense for you too.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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