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erik_barnshawThis month has marked the end of Microsoft’s support of Windows XP and I know that raises concerns for many people. The end of support for Windows XP doesn't mean that Windows XP will suddenly stop working, but it does mean there will be no new Windows updates after April 8th.

There were plenty of fear-based theories that individuals were holding back exploits they had already found so they could unleash them after Microsoft had stopped producing updates, making their destruction that much more effective and difficult to fix. The good news is nobody caused any irreparable chaos on April 9th and the reality is there are always going to be people looking to cause IT mayhem for their own entertainment or profit. That is simply the world we live in.

There are actually many previous versions of Windows that are no longer supported, but the impact of each retirement has been dependent upon who and how many people were using those systems.  Windows XP was widely used in the personal and business communities so we are seeing a great number of people noticing this particular retirement. It’s also important to realize that the retirement of Windows XP is really just a part of the life cycle of these systems and that it would take an unfathomable number of resources for Microsoft to continually support every Windows system they’ve ever created. They have the same responsibilities we all do when running a business and it is on each one of us to make the best choices we can to support our customers, employees, business, and community.

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