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erik_barnshawIf I have learned one thing from this year’s winter storms, it’s that you always need multiple backup plans. We always made sure to have plenty of necessities on hand in case we lost power or couldn’t get out of the house that day. But what else did we need to be ready for?

It took me three tries to get to the office on the day following the recent ice storm. Multiple roads were closed due to down power lines and fallen trees. It was tough to fathom but our township had reported more than 50% of our homes and businesses were without power that day. It was surreal!

That storm had a great effect on all of the businesses that couldn’t work that day too. If all or some of your work is onsite (factory, retail, etc.), you’re options are fairly limited. But for many companies, at least their key personnel can work remotely when it’s unsafe for them to drive to work.

I know everyone wants to work from home, but what if your employees lost power or their internet? You always have to think ahead and have multiple options available as a contingency plan. So maybe it took me three tries to get to work that day – But the main point is I worked through multiple options and I got there.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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