Erik’s Editorial Corner

erik_barnshawIt is COLD! It’s the coldest we’ve seen it in quite some time and a healthy reminder that Mother Nature is in charge.

I think about the times long ago when weather was a much bigger factor in our day to day lives and businesses. Where seasons changed and our ability to profit would go with them. A snowy cold winter meant more than higher heat bills and extra snow days. It could mean the difference between being able to hunt and trade your crops at the market and not having a meat on the table that night.

I do recognize we still have many outdoor occupations affected by the weather such as farming and landscaping. But with the technological advancements in everything we do, there’s now easier ways to overcome the trials of the changing seasons and adjust what we do to factor in our ability to do things such as control an indoor environment. These technological advancements are always astounding but don’t let them give you a false sense of control.

We may be able to have more control of our everyday environment with heat pumps and gadgets, but never forget that Mother Nature is still the real boss. Our technology can only do so much when it comes to hurricanes, floods, and tornados. So the next time you step out into the cold between your warm car and your warm office, be thankful for the advancements that will ensure your comfort at the end of your 20 second walk, but also let that be a healthy reminder that Mother Nature will always have the upper hand in the big picture.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

Warm Regards,

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