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erik_barnshawThe holiday season has come around again and it is certainly in full swing. As we come into it each year, I see some people getting excited about the decorations and parties with loved ones while others are groaning in annoyance at the hectic schedules and the idea of shopping.

Whatever you focus on for the holidays, there is no denying it is a cycle we go through every year. Like all things that come through our lives in cycles, it is important for us to determine if we are going through them for the the benefits we receive or the lessons we learn.

These patterns in our lives are sometimes there to give us structure, a familiar path, or a reason to do these same activities at recurring intervals. Those are cycles that benefit us, like spring cleaning as the seasons change, opening those windows, and cleaning out the cobwebs – Literally and figuratively. It’s refreshing and cleansing and gives us a surge of energy to begin the next phase of the year.

Then there are the cycles that keep coming up because we just haven’t caught onto the lesson. Let’s say you are hiring a new individual for the company. After this great individual starts, you notice pretty quickly that they are not performing to the standards to which you were hoping they would. You see some of their habits and the problems you are experiencing are the same ones you had with the previous employee in that position. And come to mention it, they are similar to the person before them. You may not have noticed the pattern when it was just two people, but now its more obvious with three people in a row. This is an example of a cycle that keeps recurring, until you notice and make a change: You need to better identify what attributes you need in an employee to fill this role so your company can operate at its full potential.

Sometimes it’s tough to know if a cycle or a pattern is benefiting you or providing a lesson. But that’s the great part about them; They keep occurring.

Happy holidays from all of us at ETB Services, Inc. Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

Warm Regards,

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