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erik_barnshawThis year I headed to Florida to attend my annual IT conference and found the topic for this month’s article on the shuttle ride from the airport to the hotel. Our van had some technical difficulties and the driver called for a replacement van to drive us the rest of the way. While we were waiting for the next van to arrive, our driver shared that although he couldn’t identify the exact problem, it was something he would have continued to drive if it was just him – But that he would not put US in a potentially harmful situation.


At first I was grateful and then I started thinking why would he do that? Why would he give his customers what he knows is right but not give himself the same treatment? In fact, if it is a potentially dangerous situation to ride in the van then that could be potentially dangerous to the other drivers on the road too.

Many of us are guilty of doing this in our business as well as our family. Think about the common Thanksgiving dinner situation where you’ve been looking forward to seeing the family and deciding to attend even though you are battling a cold. Yet if it was one of your siblings you would tell them to stay home, get better, and don’t get anyone else sick.

It’s important for us to recognize that a better choice we recommend to someone else is very often the better choice for ourselves as well. Not only that, but that making the better choice for ourselves can benefit those around us too.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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