Erik’s Editorial Corner

erik_barnshawThis is the time of year where the little boys and girls dress up as cowboys, tigers, and princesses, roaming the streets for candy. As I fondly remember some of my favorite Halloween costumes growing up, I also think back to my strategies.

Of course I had a strategy! How could I optimize my route to get the most candy in the allotted hours? Who had the best candy in terms of size and flavor? And what would be the best-shaped, lightest, and largest candy container I could use?

These sound like such little questions now, but they were a big deal back then. Nowadays, there’s everything from apps to set up your routes to Amazon ratings on the best candy containers. Technology has entered our lives in so many ways that it’s sometimes tough to remember how we made such big decisions without them. But regardless of the instant answers we get with technology, there are still a few things that can only take place in the creative mind of a child. So help your kids use these tools, expand their learning through the latest programs, then take them out for a Trick-Or-Treat adventure that revolves around creativity, candy, and fun.

Thanks for your business and Happy Halloween!

Warm Regards,

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