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erik_barnshawWhen it comes to making your team stronger, we can all agree it takes work. Beyond that, there are many different ideas on how to best build, expand, and strengthen the group of individuals that comprise our business team.

Some businesses invest lots of time and money to take their teams to retreats, team-building workshops, and sporting events. These can be very effective tools in helping your team relate more as people instead of just co-workers, find commonalities, and figure out ways to work hard together.

ETB is fortunate to find similar exercises in our work atmosphere. As a smaller company, we all become involved in our large projects. That’s not to say that everyone is working exclusively on the project, but we all seem to have varying levels of involvement in bringing these bigger pieces together – We have to trust, rely on, and communicate with each other to get the best results.

It’s always important to keep an objective eye on how your team is working together. Make sure the communication lines are clean and that they are able to get along in a variety of situations. Whether you enhance these relationships through in-house or outsourced activities, just make sure you’re being proactive. Maintaining a strong team helps build a strong company.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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