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erik_barnshawMy wife and I just returned from a quick trip out of town and it reminded me how much I like to visit small towns that are different from our home. I enjoy getting up into the mountains and seeing life happen in a different way.

It’s neat to see what another area has to offer in terms of their history, recreation, and people. I like meeting the people and getting an understanding about what life is like for them. In many of the small mountain towns it seems to me like their pace is slower or more relaxed than mine. Or maybe it’s simply a matter of how they prioritize their lives that makes it seem to have such a graceful flow.

As I was taking in all of the differences, I became struck by the similarities. No matter what town or city we went through in our travels, we began to notice there were always restaurants, churches, grocery stores, and auto repair shops. People may eat different foods, say things with a different accent, or hold different jobs – But at the end of their day they want to go to a warm, safe home to relax with loved ones and unwind.

Different is good and a way to appreciate the flipside of things. But when it comes to people, it’s always interesting to me to see that no matter how different we may appear on the outside, there’s a whole lot more that’s similar on the inside.

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