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erik_barnshawI just returned from our annual IT conference in Florida and I believe it has been my most impactful conference yet. Of course I am always grateful for the warmer weather but it’s the people I appreciated the most.

It was pretty neat to see some of my colleagues (who have become friends over the years) asked to present some of the training materials as experts in their field. I was also highly motivated by the keynote speaker, Jim Collins.

It’s very likely you have heard of him as a business consultant, author, and lecturer on the subject of company sustainability and growth. I can tell you that his presentation style was extremely engaging but it was his concepts that really stuck with me.

I took in all of these motivations, teachings, and ideas and have brought home some of the concepts to implement here. I’ve developed a true appreciation for company culture as a living, breathing part of a business. You create the culture and then you live by it and practice it every day -- without hesitation and without wavering. The key is consistency and making sure your entire team is an example of these traits, skills, and actions.

I encourage you to reach out to other skilled professionals and leaders to share ideas, find inspiration, and keep moving your company forward.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

Warm Regards,

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