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erik_barnshawHave you ever heard someone say a person was “Penny-wise but Dollar-foolish”? I understand that phrase to describe somebody who focuses really hard on the details yet sometimes doesn’t put in those extra couple of seconds to catch the big things.

The example that comes to mind is when I see someone who will consistently put effort into clipping and using coupons but misses the fact that their favorite restaurant just accidently charged them twice for dinner because they don’t review credit card statements. When you’ve put so much time and effort into the little things, why not go that small extra step to put in the safeguards that affect things on the grand scale too?

I see this type of behavior regularly with our customers and their IT systems. There are plenty of companies who have a great backup system in place but the backup equipment is located in the same building as the equipment it’s safeguarding. I also see security loop holes where someone has several layers of IT protection, but they don’t physically lock down their equipment (a lock on the server room door, a security cable for a laptop docking station in a public area, etc.). It’s also important to remember that you make it easy for a hacker to break into the account of an employee who has access to your confidential information if your IT system doesn’t require strong passwords which are changed on a regular basis.

Please understand that we make these recommendations to help you keep yourself, your employees, and your company safe. It makes a big difference to close any loop holes, keeping all of your other efforts in place. I do encourage you to go to the gas station across the street that’s $0.10 cheaper… Just make sure you’re also keeping up on the regular maintenance of the vehicle too.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

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