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erik_barnshawIt’s officially the end of summer, the kids are back in school, and of course there are more changes at ETB too! I’m excited to announce the latest addition to our team, Karen Stiles (you can see Karen’s picture below).

As many of you saw in our January newsletter, not only has she agreed to be my wife (soon – May 2012), she has also accepted the position as our Director of Marketing at ETB Services, Inc.

Karen’s background in Marketing, Sales, Advertising, and Customer Service will help us gain insight into the needs of and communications with our customers, vendors, and business partners. Her customer-centric approach is a perfect fit for how we operate. Yet, I’m still surprised to have found that such an important personal relationship could also be a professional relationship.

When I first thought about building my business, I never expected my relationships to grow and expand the way they have. Everyone is involved in social media, networking groups, and bringing in their friends and past co-workers for interviews. It’s not just about who you know, but also being able to discover the different facets of the person and who THEY know. You never know -- The day you watch your son play baseball, might be the same day you sit next to a woman whose husband is looking to hire an additional person to his staff, with exactly the skills you offer! Karen

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

Warm Regards,

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