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When I was choosing a language to take in middle school, a lot of people suggested Latin. They said it would give me a good base knowledge of language. French sounded much cooler to me at the time and I didn’t understand the concept of base knowledge.

This is what I remember, when our customers ask about pop-ups, alerts, or anything that creates an immediate panic, because they don’t understand the reason for it. Would an IT education help them answer their question? Absolutely! But in lieu of that, base knowledge can help you remain calm in an unknown situation. If you’re part of one of our Network Assurance programs, we already take care of regular maintenance items for you. If you’re not on one of the programs, would you recognize if an update is from a reputable operating system or program you already use? Do you know when your computer is scheduled to install updates, which may temporarily cause a disruption in the speed of your system?

When in doubt, ALWAYS ASK US! I’m not saying base knowledge or logic should ever replace a professional assessment, but they can give you a small amount of comfort while you’re dialing our phone number. When I needed to know the meaning of the words under my college crest for a senior paper, I asked someone who took Latin. But when I was learning my way around campus in my freshman year, seeing that emblem carved next to the doors meant I was at least headed into the right building.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

Warm Regards,

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