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erik_barnshawThe Holiday Season is just beginning… Bring on the turkey, pies, and parties! I love spending the time with loved ones, but this is a tough time of year for many of us to maintain our healthy habits.

None of your ETB computer specialists have second jobs as nutritional experts. However, 3 of us collectively lost more than 100lbs in just over a year. Talk about a complete lifestyle change in many ways!

That's not to say everything we do and eat is 100% healthy (You've heard about our cook offs!), but here are a few tips we use to stay healthy and keep everything in moderation:

  1. Take what you want but limit your quantity (a.k.a. Just ONE piece of pie)
  2. Don’t hold conversations near the appetizers -- Simply make a plate and walk away – it helps reduce picking!
  3. Bring a pair of sneakers to Thanksgiving dinner, and drag a few family members out for a walk between the meal and a couch nap.
  4. Following the 80/20 rule in your overall eating and exercising habits goes a long way.

Again, we're not experts - We’re just people who like to spend the holidays with loved ones and want to do so for a long time.

Thanks for your business and make it a great day!

Warm Regards,


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