Erik’s Editorial Corner

When I think about the summer, I think about going to the shore. I look forward to my next weekend there… And the service call I will make on my way down there.

I believe work-life balance is important – But what if your life could help balance your work and grow your business? ETB is based in the Philly area, but we support several clients at the shore as well.

Think about where you go and if it makes sense to create new business relationships in those areas. If you visit your grandkids in Harrisburg, PA every other month, why not set up a few appointments on your way into town Friday afternoon or on your way out of town Monday morning?

There’s only a few short weeks left in the summer. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time so far and that you get to your favorite vacation spot one more time this season!

We thank you for your business and support. Make it a great day!

Warm Regards,


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